21 August, 2007

In Support Of Yoweri Museveni

East Africa has to unite. Africa has to unite. Qaddafi's dream for an immediate African unity, may be too difficult for Africa to achieve. But, East Africa can easily unite. The obstacles and challenges to achieving that - may seem enormous; but, by not uniting and acting united - Africa and Africans will face only more difficulty. Museveni, as always, a visionary - can see that:

“Some leaders are talking of United States of Africa. Do not under-estimate this view. Eventually, small countries of West Africa have found out, from the experience of the last 50 years of independence that without unity they cannot manage. It is a good movement; it needs to be harnessed carefully.”

“Fifty years after independence, all African countries except South Africa, are still third world countries regardless of whether they have had a violent history or not.”

“African leaders, past and present are responsible primarily for the misfortunes of Africa.”

He also remarked that after independence African leaders failed to “move strategically in order to immunise Africa or insure Africa against future re-colonisation, marginalisation or even extermination of her peoples.”

Can Africa again be colonized? It can and it will be. Again. If Africa doesn't unite, develop and move forward. And as Mr. Museveni stated: Africans, if not careful and acting with vision and foresight - can have its people exterminated.

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