29 June, 2007

Search and Translate

Would you like to have a search box on your site? The most preferred is the Google search box, like this; but the best and the one I prefer most is the: Google custom search box, which you can get here and customise to your liking and preference. After Google, I prefer the Clusty search; Clusty is a favorite of mine. Or you can try Alltheweb, an excellent search engine too; or Ask.com, another superb search Engine. As for the Microsoft buffs, there is their new: Live Search Box. All of these search boxes are fast and most are customizable. And last, there is the easy to include in your website or blog: Blogbar. What I like about the Blogbar widget is that, it has search options for searching with all the major search engines and all the major blog search engines. Or: try the rather cool Technorati search box; it will allow visitors to search both your blog and other blogs.

And how about adding a Translation box or button to your site? This helps those who don't understand English or your language to read from your site. Try this guide from Digital Inspiration. Or you can try Altavista; or, even easier and better, try the Widgetbox. The easiest and most easy to add is the last: the Widgetbox. And best: their Google Site Translator - which would translate your site into nine different International languages.

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