31 May, 2007

Whales Make It!!

For the last few days I have been, as many around the world, transfixed by the plight of the mother-calf duo whales who had become lost in the Sacramento river. I wanted to post some thing before about their ordeal, but I was so pained and worried about them, I couldn't write any thing. But, now, at last - they are free. Bruised and exhausted but FREE!!!
All the world is a theater, and the two whales stuck on an international stage for the past several weeks had a happy ending.

The mother-calf duo captured international attention as they became lost dozens of miles up the Sacramento River. Scientists, whale enthusiasts — and soon, anyone watching the evening news — were captivated by the whales’ inability to right themselves, and concerned by their inability to heal their wounds in the freshwater.

Tuesday night, without fanfare or direct observation, the whales are believed to have slipped back into the Pacific. The episode shows that the natural world can provide lasting entertainment, and even a few happy endings. The Daily Green

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