02 May, 2007

Asha-Rose Migiro

“Peacekeepers and preventive diplomacy remain essential tools in our efforts to silence guns and implement ceasefires, but by themselves they are not enough to counter humanity’s worst instincts.......Instead, the search for a durable and enduring peace demands action at a deeper, more profound level.........It requires the spread of values, attitudes and behaviours that reject violence and embrace tolerance, justice and respect for human rights. In short, it requires a culture of peace.”
“Make no mistake; there are signs of progress in Africa. The progress is gradual, it is sometimes agonisingly slow but the signs are there.”
"I carry with me a strong feeling of triumph, having seen the efforts of the National Assembly and its president in promoting reconciliation and dialogue in a bid for unity and to strengthen democracy in the DRC."
Further Information: Asha-Rose Migiro.com, Asharosemigiro.org, Wikipedia

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