19 May, 2007

Africa Most In Danger

Africa, the World's poorest continent and the one least able to cope with the impact of climate change - doesn't seem to be getting the massage. Africa is in danger; maybe: the greatest danger it has ever faced in its modern history. Danger from: desertification, heat waves, falling food production and scarcity of water. Instead of Africans depending on foreign assistance most, in reversing climate change - African leaders should take the lead. They should lead by passing laws and enforcing policies that help in reversing the effects of Global Warming. Any African leaders listening? Any of them listening to Prof. Wangari Maathai's caution to them against destroying forests for short term economic gains.?

"While trees and the environment can thrive without human beings, we cannot do without trees. So protect our environment especially forests," Prof. Wangari Maathai

Very wise words of advice from the greatest environmentalist in Africa. At the same time, it is not only African leaders who can help in reversing the effects of Climate Change in Africa, ordinary people too, can and have to contribute. In fact, ordinary Africans can be more effective - more extensively - than the leaders. Ordinary Africans have to be educated and be made aware, that by them doing some very simple actions, Africa's future would be better. Africa's future, depends on actions taken now; the simplest and easiest of which is: protect trees and plant trees! For the sake Africa and its future: please - pledge to plant a tree in Africa!

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