27 April, 2007

Useful Tools on the Web

Since I started this blog, but especially for the last few weeks (or is it months?), I have been trying different, and a variety of, templates for this site. I tried different Blogger templates and some not from Blogger. I wanted what would best suit what I write on, on this site and what, too - would blend with the ideas I espouse here. A few days ago, I settled for this template - one of the very first I had used, which I believe - best suits this site.

May be, some of my friends or visitors using Blogger, would like to try different kinds of free templates not offered on Blogger; they might find some of the templates suitable for them. Blogger-templates offers several and a variety of themes; and hacks, tips and links. There are very many unique templates to choose from, from Finalsense; and Eris' Template Generator, offers a variety of templates, including three column ones. Or, try Free Blogger Skins. More templates can be found at: Blogflux, Blogcrowds, Blogger Templates, Blogger-Templates, Labnol, Freeskins, Bloggerbuster, tothpec and many other sites. Be careful - some of the non Blogger templates are not easy to manage, and you might end up losing some of what is saved on your site.

I have realised that, with the Internet and the very many services offered on the Web - it's always best to try several and a variety to find out what is best. In the years that I have been using the Net, I always read; read as much as I can. And try to use the very many services offered, before settling on one.

Many people use Email; in fact most people who use the net, use it so, only for email. Most use Yahoo or Hotmail (now Live Mail) or AOL; and yet there are other excellent services out there, and for free. I was lucky to have been one of the first out of the US - to have been 'invited' for Gmail, and I love it; it is by far, overall, the best. But then, there is Fastmail - slick and the fastest email service I have ever tried. Ever heard of Goowy? It provides several services, including file storage and an excellent email service. And there is inbox.com - providing too, several services and a robust, superb email service. Note: for those who are tired of receiving 'spam', try the last two - you will never get one.

Most people, only know of Microsoft's Windows operating system; ever tried Linux or Mac OS; why not give Ubuntu a try? Just as most people, for browsers, only use Internet Explorer (my favorite, so far); Firefox is just as good, if not better in many ways; Opera, is fast catching up. I have yet to properly try Apple's Safari; a friend of mine is using it and I tried it briefly. It is very different from the others but very good. I hope to try it more, later.

As for search engines, Google is number one for most people, and the most preferred; for me too. After Google, I find the almost perfect Clusty - very useful and very interesting; I believe Clusty has a great potential. Alltheweb is another excellent one, and fast. Of all search engines, non fascinates and amazes me like Kartoo; it has a most unique and original way of analysing and displaying search results! Try it and see what I mean.

Any one with a problem on a computer, would only think of Intel; be it motherboards or microprocessors - the name that comes to mind is: Intel. But there are other players: AMD and Zilog offer excellent products, too - but how many use their products or want to?

Years back I didn't know any of the above. The computer came, and then the Internet with the Web (they came so recently and yet it seems like a long time ago); as I like reading and realised that the Net provided the very best and an unbelievable library on any thing I could imagine or think of - I self learnt how to use a computer. Not in an institution or a school, but with the help of friends. I wobbled and waded through and by reading as much as I can, I now - some how understand (still, very little) on computers and the Net. And by trying and exploring, I some how manage to find my way around.

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