17 March, 2007

Mugabe Is Not The Only One

Mr. Robert Mugabe is a dictator. An autocrat. And has enormously messed up Zimbabwe, and taken it speedily backwards. But Mugabe is not alone. Zimbabwe is not the only African country being looted and plundered by its leaders. Angola and Equatorial Guinea, easily come to mind.

Both the two have high oil production. Both the two are said to be among the 'fastest growing' economies in the world. Both the two have the vast majority of their populace living in poverty and misery; while their 'leadership' live in pomp and luxury. Both Angola's and Equatorial Guinea's leadership are known to be siphoning away their country's earnings and are known to be two of the most corrupt regimes in the world and have both, many times, been accused of human rights abuses; especially Equatorial Guinea. And yet, both the two are darlings to the West and are very rarely singled out for criticism and threats as Mugabe's Zimbabwe. Why? Why the double standards?

The criticisms and attacks, by the West, directed at Mugabe and his regime have very little to do with 'human rights' or 'democracy'. It's all to do with self interest and goals. Had Mugabe been serving the interests of those out of Zimbabwe now criticising him, nothing much would have been said against him. He would have been pampered and courted in the same way that Angola and Equatorial Guinea are. Zimbabweans are suffering; truly suffering. And so are Angolans and Equatorial Guineans. And so are, the many in other African countries who have their own versions of Mugabe.

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