12 March, 2007

Google Earth and WWF Show How Destructive We Are

WWF has teamed up with Google Earth to show how destructive we, human beings, have been. From the Amazon to Cameroon to Indonesia, we have been immensely destructive and merciless to our world. WWF through, Google Earth, will show too - its global projects. I quote from WWF (12 Mar 2007):

The global conservation organization announced that from today more than 150 of its projects will be added to Google Earth, the satellite imagery-basedmapping product.

“People interested in conservation and the environment now will be able to visit WWF projects in some of the world’s most threatened and biologically diverse places from their home computers,” said WWF International’s Director General James Leape. With more than 45 years of on-the-ground experience, WWF is excited that people everywhere will have the opportunity to zoom in on a sample of our projects and gain a better understanding of just how big the conservation challenge is and some of the things we are doing to address it.”

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