10 January, 2007

Where Are We Heading To?

How many people still read, regularly, the National Geographic Magazine and News? And such like? It seems, to me, fewer and fewer people are doing so. Mostly the old; least of all - the young. With a world full of other deviations like: the TV, computer games and other kinds of gadgets, people - the young in particular - have very little time for reading; especially reading articles such as those published by the National Geographic and such like. It's sad, in that - the National Geographic and other similar medias - such as The World Wildlife Fund and The African Wildlife Foundation - are the best sources, for knowledge and building awareness in our natural World and surroundings; and making people conscious of it. No wonder, the Earth is becoming more and more polluted and warmer; Arctic ice is melting fast and more and more animals and plants are becoming extinct. It's predicted that, before the end of this century, Polar bears will no longer live in the wild due to their habitat being destroyed, now - gradually but surely. It's also now being said, that - this year will be the warmest in history. With such kinds of global climate changes, we can only expect the worse: storms, floods, heat waves, droughts and the like.

People are becoming more and more enslaved, dependent and subdued by the material world, such as: gadgets, electronics and machines - that, very few have the time or interest to enjoy and explore the very many and various natural, awesome wonders all around us.

Well - here are the Top Ten Videos of 2006 From National Geographic News. Watch 'the stealthy ways of snakes, the plight of African elephants, and some of the animal kingdom's mightiest battles' that 'topped the list of this year's most popular videos from National Geographic News.' Still, artificial and not as good as reality. But how many want reality? Most people would rather go for the synthetic. Yet, the Natural World around us, is real and full of great wonders. Wonders that fill one with a much greater joy and peace than any thing that Man has ever come up with.

Photo: Medici

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