05 January, 2007

Safari Notes: Nakuru Flamingos Threatened

Flamingos, the main attraction for tourists at Lake Nakuru National Park, are moving to other lakes - even to as far as to Western Kenya; and many are, each day, dying too. The local officials' claim that, the birds are moving and dying due to the Lake loosing water due to drought - is nothing more than just trying to find excuses. The truth is that, Lake Nakuru and the surrounding habitat, have been poorly managed and are not well protected.

There is no doubt that, the very beautiful and graceful birds are moving out of the area in large numbers - mainly due to the pollution and contamination of the lake, and a reduction of the quantity of the lake's water. Local factories, continuously release large amounts of wastes in to the lake; and the few streams that feed the lake, pass through populated residential areas - who too: release, pour and throw wastes in to the streams which then end up in to the lake. The few streams which feed the lake, are also diverted - along the way - for other purposes and much less water is reaching the lake. Environmental experts are warning that the lake, which is home to millions of flamingos in their natural habitation, may dry up due to constant destruction of catchment areas and massive pollution.

Not only for tourism's and the worried hoteliers' sakes, Lake Nakuru and its habitat should be saved and well protected - as the Lake and all the fauna, plants and animals in and around it are dependant on each other; the destruction of a part of that habitat will undoubtedly endanger other life forms in the area. Not only the flamingos, but the people in and around Lake Nakuru and their livelihood too.

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