27 September, 2006

Saving Gamba

"Most people call it a paradise.

It's a name that conjures up many images in the mind. Many emotions in the heart. It's a name that, unfortunately, we don't often hear applied to many of the places we have left on this planet.Why? Because paradises these days are often rarer than the endangered animals that are found within their borders." That's the Gamba Complex which lies on the coast of Gabon, a country in western central Africa, just below Cameroon.

"The Gamba complex is a critical refuge for Africa's embattled rainforest wildlife." TV for the Environment

But now, the Gamba complex is under threat; several animal species are under threat which includes: the western lowland gorillas, forest elephants, leatherback, green, hawksbill and olive ridley turtles; and a variety of other animals. Illegal poaching remains a major and critical problem; but that aside - new roads are being planned to run through the reserve, the continuing prospecting for oil now is even of more danger to the wildlife of the area, than before; and there isn't enough resources to turn things around.

This is a kind of story; very sad story, that's being repeated in many parts of the World; Africa in particular. Wildlife and the environment, are being plundered and destroyed in the name of 'profit' and 'development'. With very little concern, if any, for the results; and only a few, very few indeed - are benefiting from the so called 'development'. Least of all: the people who live within the plundered areas. In fact, it's not only the wildlife of the areas that are in danger - but, the livelihood of the native people of that area too. In some cases, like in the Congo - the lives of the people of these areas have been so disrupted and destroyed, that to read or hear abut it, causes chills down ones spine!

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Photo From: Lilbenne

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