13 September, 2006

The Blogger in Beta

About two weeks ago, I switched to the new Blogger in Beta! All my blogs are now on the Beta; including this one. The Beta has many more features than the original Blogger, but many issues with it, still need to be addressed and sorted out; which I understand is being done.

I find the Beta, much better and easier to use than the old version - except: making 'comments' on other 'Blogger' sites has not been possible for me - unless I do so anonymously; some Bloggers do not allow that on their sites. And when one switches completely to the Beta 'Layout', one is deprived of the editing of HTML; though I have switched this site too, I am not using the complete Beta 'layout' here, but I am trying out the Beta on: Kisiwa.

If any of my friends, find that I am not any more making 'comments' on their blogs, it would be due to my using the Beta; hopefully - soon, I can again, easily be able to make comments on other 'Bloggers' sites! Note: once one switches to the Beta, one can not switch back to the old version! Should any one want to switch to the new beta, it would be best and advisable, first - to sign up for a new Beta Blog, try it, see how it works and get used to it - then switch. For me: I am now on! No switching back!

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