25 August, 2006

The Land Of Opportunity

I first heard about Barack Obama early last year; with time, the more I read about him, the more I became interested, and the more I admired the man. Not only because of his Kenyan origins and he having a Muslim father and paternal family; but his whole background and life history, I have found very interesting and absorbing. Not only is he the first man of African descent to win election to the United States Senate as a Democrat , but, too - he is the fifth African American Senator ever, in the whole of the U.S. history; and is the only African American currently serving in the US Senate. Incredible. Just unbelievable! Of all places on Earth, there is only one place that allows such! Only one country, that gives one such opportunity. The United States of America!

As much as I am against American policies, foreign - in particular; as much as I dislike the way the present American leadership is behaving and handling international issues; as much as I am against American corporations and companies controlling World resources and the destructive nature to our Planet and environment, that this leads to; I have to say this: no where else, on Earth, could some one with a background like Barack Hussein Obama jnr. achieve as much as he has and still dream of more - except in the US! Irrespective of ones race, ethnicity, descent or gender - it's only in the US where it's possible, wholly, to fulfill one's capabilities and potential - and be equally appreciated and rewarded - if one aims for it, works hard and has some luck. Yes, there are still enormous disparity in wealth, influence and power between races and gender; but the US, still, offers much more opportunities to fulfill dreams than any where else! Case in point: General Collin Powell, was the son of Jamaican immigrants - and yet rose to have enormous power; and where else, can a woman of African origin have such power as Dr. Condoleeza Rice has now?

America is as economically and militarily powerful as it is, because it gives people hope and opportunities to fulfill dreams. It still is the leading land of opportunity! And as long as the US leads in that factor - it will continue to have power. Had Senator Barack Obama been in any other land, more so - his father land: Kenya, he would have most likely just ended up being just another ordinary person! But being in the US, he still can dream even for higher things. Even the presidency!

Photo from: readeasily

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