24 July, 2006

Safari Notes: In Memory Of Friends

I have had Friends! Few, but friends. And I still have a few. Friends whom, I can rely on no matter what. And at any time. I have had friends as a child and when growing; I have had friends during my teens and early manhood. It's not easy having friends; it's even more difficult maintaining friendship.

A change took place once I started having children; though I still have other friends, my children have gradually but surely become my closest friends and confindants. From my first daughter, whom I had in the early eighties to my last born son, who is about nine. I am friends too to all my nine siblings; and apart from being my mentor and first teacher, I shared a lot of adventures with my late Dad; as for my Mom, she has been the friend I have had longest. And I am still very good friends with my first wife just as I am with my present one.

Which brings me to music. I like music. Just as I love reading! My taste in music is varied and ranges from the classic to pop; from the old to the latest. From Arabic to Indian. From Lingala to Senegalese. From English to Greek. It's music that reminds me most of friends.

Franco, Tabu Ley and Lingala songs, would always remind me of my early childhood, when life was so simple and so easy going that I never thought, ever, a time will come that - what is referred to as the Internet, would be so much a part of my life. Kishore Kumar and Indian music would always remind me of my eldest sister and maternal uncles! Bilfageeh, Om Kalthoom and Arabic songs would always remind me of my late Dad and my origins! Salif Keita, Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango, Louise Armstrong, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Millie Jackson, Demise Roussos, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Julio Iglesias, Bob Marley and the one and only Barry White: would always bring back fond memories of my teens and early manhood. I don't think any one can ever hate: Beethoven, Mozart or Schubert. But it is Ravel, that has a special meaning for me! Reminding me of very special moments.

And: there are the specials. The very specials. That remind me of certain special moments and people. The most special, are those that remind me of my Children. We, I and my children, all just love and enjoy Lucky Dube. Enrique Iglesias and Westlife would always remind me of my second daughter; while Cheb Khalid and Nour Geilany would remind me of my last daughter; and Amro Dhiab would always remind me of my sons. As for my eldest daughter, it's Mariah Carey. Her Hero, in particular.

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