06 July, 2006

I Agree With The First Ladies!

When it comes to the best way to fight and control HIV/AIDS, I completely agree with the Ugandan and Kenyan First Ladies: Mrs. Janet Museveni and Mrs. Lucy Kibaki! Behavioral change is the best way to fight AIDS!

Of Mrs. Museveni: "As a result of ..... national call for sexual abstinence for unmarried individuals and faithfulness within marriage, 95% of Ugandans in the year 2000 had either zero or only one sexual partner. Primarily because of this, HIV rates have declined by two-thirds in Uganda over the last decade and a half," and: "As a result of her incredibly powerful and effective role in showing that it is realistic for leaders to model and call for healthy behavior..."

And Mrs. Kibaki: "Mrs. Kibaki stressed the need for students to abstain from sex until after marriage, saying she was against the use of condoms by students as it promoted immorality and was not the best tool in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

"You know how you can be infected with HIV/AIDS, yet some of you do those things which you know if you do you will get the virus. I am not telling you to use condoms. I am not in favor of condoms," the First Lady said.

She emphasized that those still in school and colleges have no business having access to condoms, saying AIDS is spreading fast because of those who mislead the youth to use condoms instead of abstaining."

Isn't it surprising that Middle Eastern and Muslim countries have the lowest HIV/AIDS cases, on average? Compare the figures in Northern Africa and those of Sub-Saharan Africa! In Asia: compare the figures in Malaysia, Brunei and those of India, Thailand and the Philippines! There is only one reason for these very low figures: the strict sexual behavior, practiced in these countries!

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda once said in July, 2004, to the international conference on AIDS in Bangkok: "HIV/AIDS is the biggest challenge to mankind in the 21st century, comparable to the Bubonic plague of the Middle Ages. In order to avert more deaths and suffering from this insidious viral infection leaders of nations must stand resolute with total commitment to lead the fight and galvanize the entire efforts of communities and nations to face the challenge."

It still is the biggest challenge! And I believe, the best way forward in facing and fighting this challenge is: "sexual abstinence for unmarried individuals and faithfulness within marriage'!

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