05 June, 2006


Some times, it is a mistake watching the news! A few days ago, I was watching CNN; Jeff Koinange appeared with this very disturbing and harrowing report on the DRC (Congo)! I was so shaken and disturbed, that I haven't been my normal self ever since! The most disturbing part, was that about Olivier!

Fifteen-year-old Olivier was sitting down to dinner with his family when the front door of their house was smashed in. Olivier's father was the first to be killed followed by his mother, right in front of the children.

They then raped Olivier's three sisters, and when he tried to fight them they turned on him. One at a time, more than a dozen in all, he said.

"I will never forget what happened to me," he said. "How does one forget something like this? Only revenge can make me forget what happened to me."

I can not comprehend how any sane person can do this! I can not think of any other animal, however destructive it is, doing any thing close to this! Or Haditha! One can understand, Earthquakes and Tsunamis; which is just as painful to read about or watch! But Olivier's story and Haditha, are just too disturbing and unsettling!

Just as I hurt and pain, for the Children of Northern Uganda, Iraq and Palestine; I hurt, and pain for Olivier! And all like him! The only good thing about watching the news, is: it makes me realize how very lucky I am to be living in my part of the world! Still, I know, it could happen to me! It could happen to any one!

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