27 June, 2006

Of Civilization

Now, whenever people think of or mention civilization, the 'developed' world is what comes to mind; and yet just a few hundred years ago - people in most of these so called developed world, were living like semi-savages on the outskirts of the civilized world and they would have been pronounced obviously inferior; inferior to people of: Egypt, Ethiopia and Babylonia. Most history books on ancient history I read, imply that only one race has been responsible for civilization, culture, progress and all other good things. The one race is of course the white race, and particularly that branch of said race known as Nordic or Aryan. Note: the writers of most of these books are Aryan or Nordic.

I still recall when growing up in East Africa, during my primary school education in particular - how this was stressed. Then, everything good and developed seem to have come outside of Africa; even the Egyptians, of whom very little was mentioned, were portrayed as people who were not Africans. Very little was mentioned of: Ethiopia, the West African Kingdoms and Zimbawe. I used to wonder at how could it be that only non-Africans discovered: mountains, sources of rivers or some other features in Africa - and yet there were Africans all along, there! Only much later, were the books paraphrased to read: ' the first European to ......' and not - ' the first man to ....'!

It was only later, through reading and learning, did I learn of the extent of the advanced civilizations in Africa - streching from the West to Ethiopia; from Egypt to Zimbabwe. This, when most of the people of the World were living in darkness! But there are some who still want to make us believe that - all these civilizations were founded by non-Africans; a theory that is being more and more disproved!

Very sadly - most, if not all, civilizations were founded by the subjugation and exploitation of others: the weak and those unlucky to be on the wrong side. From the Egyptian civilization to the present Western one - multitudes of people were enslaved and used to build their foundations. To date, the exploitation and subjugation of the multitudes of the weak and poor - continues to sustain our present 'civlization'! It too, will certainly decline and disappear!

Hopefully, time will come when a civilization will rise that - unlike all other previous ones and the one we now have - is responsible, caring, kind, merciful and humane to all: Mankind and all other living creatures! A civiliazation that will be kind to our Earth and use it wisely! A civilization that accepts all Mankind's sameness and equality! A civilization, that, we humans can be proud of!


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