29 May, 2006

Safari Notes: Scents!

I have always associated places I live in or have lived in, or even - just visited, with scents! Natural scents! Trees, flowers, the earth, rivers, the sea - all have their own unique scents. Whenever I see frangipani flowers, Nairobi would immediately come in to mind; the scent of frangipani, reminds me of no where else - but Nairobi! And my daughters! It seems, wherever one is in Nairobi, there would always be frangipani flowers close by; and their sweet scent would be in the air!
While the sea and its unique 'scent' would always remind me of Mukalla! Mukalla, with its pure, deep blue sea! And the sea and its 'scent' would remind me of my sons! How about dates? Date palms and dates would always remind me of times I spent in the deep valleys and deserts of Hadhramout! And my first daughter! Who is also my first born! Date palms would always bring wonderful memories, of time spent with her, when still very young: playing, running and chasing each other! Times, that I would never relive again!
It is now getting very hot here; the dates are ripening up! Very soon, we shall start eating them! I like them, when they are just beginning to ripen! And just a little bit soft! But do dates have a scent?

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