27 April, 2006

Unbelievable But it Was!

I spent some of my happiest and most peaceful moments and years in and around Lira, Northern Uganda. The breathtaking green planes; the fresh water rivers and lakes at almost every few miles; the butterflies and cranes, and the endless site of: elephants, hippos, buffaloes and birds of all colors! And abundant food: fresh fruits and vegetables of the kind that I have never seen or found any where else!

It was then very peaceful: no robberies, or rapes or murders. I visited almost every major trading center around Lira. And Lira had an excellent infrastructure, a well equipped hospital, working institutions, schools & colleges, phone and TV services, well stocked groceries et cetera. And civil order.

Incredible! But that is how it was! I never ever thought then, that I and my family would flee such a stunningly beautiful place! That was way back in the sixties and before 1971. Before Idi Amin and the LRA! Now, just the thought of visiting Lira - horrifies me!

'They seem to have no political purpose, other than using their weapons to cause mass unrest'. Exactly! The LRA, right from the Alice Lakwena time, had no agenda. There only purpose seems to be: destroy and cause chaos! And the world; the so called 'international community' just keeps quiet! They only take action when self interest is served; like in Iraq and Darfur - for Oil!

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