01 March, 2006

Still Museveni

"The problem of Africa in general and Uganda in particular is not the people but the leaders who want to overstay in power."

That's what Museveni said about twenty years ago!

"After the triumph of his 1981-86 guerilla war, the then young liberator was not shy in expressing his disgust for long serving African 'Big Men' including his autocratic Ugandan predecessors Idi Amin, Milton Obote and Tito Okelo. But winning re-election to earn another five years in power, Museveni, now 62, is content to have transformed himself into one of the continent's biggest men - a benevolent one in his view; of the despotic kind according to his critics."

Well, whatever might be said, I believe Mr. Yoweri Museveni is still the best person to lead Uganda from the lot; to lead Uganda for the next five years. Uganda's internal political and economic situation at the moment, is so delicate and shaky, that the last thing it needs - is a change of leadership. And, non of his competitors has the knowledge and general capabilities to lead Uganda, that Museveni has; it should not be forgotten too, that Museveni has done much in bringing order and stability to Uganda - this, compared to Uganda in 1986 when he took power; and before that.

Of top priority for Museveni, is to bring order and peace in Northern Uganda. The same kind of peace and order enjoyed in other parts of the country. Many, in the North, are suffering and even dying; almost daily - women are raped; children are kidnapped and then forcefully used as soldiers or sex slaves; villages are looted and plundered, and some times burnt; and many are killed. All this, by the so called: Lords resistance Army - who seem to have no agenda except to loot, maim and murder; at times, Museveni's own government forces are involved in causing the sufferings and killings of innocent people..

Museveni has to stop this dreadful situation if he wants to make his 'winning' of the the latest election, meaningful; and history too, will remember him well.

Making all Ugandans have a share in the economic improvement that it has had in the last few years, should be his next priority. All Ugandans, from Karamojo in the North East to the Batoro in the West - need to share in the economic benefits. If Museveni can do this, he will be well and kindly remembered in future, by all Ugandans and those who love and care for Uganda; in and out of Uganda.

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