24 March, 2006

Life Finds a Way

It is amazing how wild animals and life survive in such a barren and desolate place like the valleys, mountains and deserts of Hadhramout! It takes years some times, for any rain to fall in most areas. And yet: life survives! A variety of life forms. This troupe of Baboons, of the Papio hamadryas species, I guess - survive near an oil field. Here, they are scavenging for food near a garbage dump area used by the oil companies.
This lizard survives under and near the accommodation shacks used by oil workers; it too, finds food and water easily in such places. As much as oil prospecting has disrupted their ecosystem, the animals have found a way of surviving around people.
The camel! The undisputed 'king' of the desert! There are no wild camels in Hadhramout, but the bedouins, leave their much valued camels to wander in the plains and valleys, around. The bedouins, who have always lived here - found their lifestyle too, disrupted by the discovery of oil; but they too, and their goats and camels, have found a way of surviving.

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