14 March, 2006

In Memory of Msena

Yesterday, I read the story of the very extra-ordinary two year old boy in Kenya, who was born without legs and arms: Freddie Msena Mtile . A very heartrending and sad story! Abandoned by his parents after being born disabled, due to sick and warped up traditions practiced by some tribes in Kenya - Freddie had found love, care, joy and new meaning in life from his foster parents and many kind people. But only for a short time.

It is only when one considers and deeply contemplates the lives of people like Freddie, that one can really appreciate ones wholeness and life. Many of us go about with life complaining and worried about very minor things indeed: the weather, a cold, not having enough money and such. And yet, most of us are physically whole and healthy.

But there are people who live very difficult and sad lives; some, even with such disabilities - find joy and give great meaning to their lives; none more than the incredible Kyle Maynard! What an extra ordinary man! What an awe inspiring personality! A few weeks ago, I watched Kyle on TV, and couldn't help but be most moved and inspired by him. Even his smile radiates peace and is most inspiring and full of hope.

I will never forget Freddie; and I will always be most inspired and awed by Kyle. But there are millions more like them who too - deserve our attention, consideration and compassion; that is the least we can give them.

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