13 February, 2006

Davos and Africa

Before, they used to chain people and herd them off in to slavery; these days, there is no need for that - most of us accept slavery, voluntarily; economic slavery. Davos, doesn't help Africa much; much was discussed and said about Africa during the last meeting of the rich and powerful; and still - the suffering and pain in Africa continues and increases.

Many don't like it being said - but, to date, many want to keep Africa in shackles; Africa is still a 'playground' for neocolonialists. Imperialism is still at work in Africa. Africa's vast wealth and resources are being used, not to improve things in Africa - but to enrich those out of it. Africa, is the only region in the world, that has become poorer in the last forty years; it has gone backwards. While its wealth, have been continuously plundered and looted.

And the plunderers and looters, always try to confuse people and create confusion on what is happening in Africa. On one side, they have repeatedly poured praise on, and lauded countries like, Ethiopia and Uganda for their great 'achievements' and 'leap'; when in actual fact - these countries only seem to be doing so by being given lots of 'aid' and 'assistance'; the 'aid' and 'assistance' in the end only returns to the rich countries and their corporations; with interest! And yet, both Ethiopia and Uganda, the darlings of the West and Big corporations - are both ruled by autocrats, have continuous civil strife and a section of their people are living in dreadful conditions!

Ghana, another country which was continuously praised and lauded - is now in big economic trouble due to the enormous weight of the debt plus interest, that they have to continue paying!
And yet: countries that have for many years done very well: economically, politically and in creating peaceful civil societies - are rarely given praise or lauded. Senegal and Tanzania are such. How many people know that these countries are doing exceptionally well? How many people know that these countries are the most peaceful in Africa and have very solid working democracies? How many people know that, in these two countries - Muslims, Christians and the different many tribes, work closely together? How many people know that in these two countries, many women hold very influential posts?

But, the looters and plunderers do not want such, in Africa! They prefer seeing Africa remain backwards and shackled. That is why, they and their mass media never mention where light shines in Africa! They prefer to confuse and mislead!

For some times now, I have been surprised at how Kenya, is continuously being targeted for negative reports; tourists are being told to 'avoid' Kenya; the democratically elected government there, is continuously being criticized for one thing or another. And yet, democracy is working in Kenya and the economy is in fact, getting stronger. It is only lately that I realized that the negative attitude towards Kenya is because Kenya is shifting its trade more and more to the East, China in particular. This, doesn't work well for those who want to keep Africa in shackles!

Any way, for all us poor people on this planet - most of us are too busy trying to survive. Most of us are too focused on where our next meal will be coming from. Does it mean - there is no solution? The solution is in spiritual awakening and enlightenment; and only after that may be we can have a meaningful 'People's Movement'. "And rebuild a world that is truly egalitarian and sustainable where every person has the realization of 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.'"

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