23 February, 2006

America and the world

For years, Americans were welcomed with open arms and looked at with awe, wherever they went; not any more. America's recent policies and doings, have turned many against Americans.Sadly, many non Americans do not realize that, at present - most Americans are not happy at all with their government. It is right to hate the present regime in Washington, but not all Americans.

It is also interesting to note that: Donald Rumsfeld believes that by using the Internet more forcefully, the minds and feelings of non-Americans can be won. He is utterly wrong! America has to change how it relates to other countries; it has to respect others and accept international opinion and laws; it has to stop being a bully. Otherwise, America will only continue to have negative re-action from non-Americans.

Before the collapse of the USSR, people looked at the US - as a protector and savior; and America was very much respected and welcomed world-wide; but, now - the US is looked at as an arrogant, imperialistic bully and as going all out to take whatever it wants or covets from other countries; no matter what the cost in both human or material terms.

Add to this, the way the US has trampled on international treaties, from that on global warming to that on land mines - we will continue having anti-American feelings. Even with all the aid and assistance the US gives out, America's other negative actions - will continue breeding anger and hatred. Using its enormous power on the international media, will not help.

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