18 January, 2006

Safari Notes: Out of Africa

Giraffes near the Kilimanjaro

"Africa, is one of those places, that you either love or hate, there is no in-between. There is the equatorial sun and humidity of Kampala, the deserts of northern Kenya, the tribal flare ups and wars that take place without a moments notice, the corruption, lawlessness, the impending doom of disease such as malaria and AIDS, inadequate hospitals, horrible traffic that would drive anyone insane, poverty, slums, living conditions one cannot imagine and yet.

Then there is Mother Africa, a continent filled with the most awesome beauty anywhere in the world. The majestic Rift Valley, endless Lake Victoria, the Nile River moving eternally to the sea, the terraced gardens on the mountain sides of Rwanda, the Maasai Mara in Kenya with all of its wildlife. The history of a people with ancient cultures and customs that are still being practiced in many areas. The endless horizon, a heaven that seems higher than here in North America, thunderstorms over Lake Victoria, lights flashing, the sounds of monkeys scurrying about in the trees and birds everywhere. Most of all Africa is much more than nature, more than wildlife, it is people that make up Mother Africa."

This site reminds me of the Africa that I know of:


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