11 January, 2006

Safari Notes: Of Children

I have always found that, the most demanding, most absorbing and enjoyable beings to be with and deal with are, Children and animals. I have always been happiest and most peaceful with the two.

I have three daughters from my first marriage and two sons from my present one. Through the years, my Children have gradually but surely become my closest friends and confidants. It has taken lots of patience and all the wisdom I have, to build this.

Being a teacher, and having taught prior to marrying - helped a lot in my understanding Children. All Children are basically alike, no matter where they are from and from what background. All Children need lots of love, care and most of all - attention. Many people give their Children love and care, but many too, do not pay attention to them.

Paying attention means a lot of things: I believe it is - listening to them more and telling them less, from morning till evening; sharing with them their kind of interests and not imposing on them your own; and being observant and taking notice of their actions, feelings and general well- being.

And most important of all: it is being a friend to them and building an atmosphere of friendship. Which would mean sharing jokes, holding hands, playing together, shopping together and sharing all meals together.

I always make 'pledges' with my Children, when necessary. And I always do it whenever I notice the right moment: while watching dolphins or just sitting by the sea, while playing with the cats, while going out shopping for potted plants or whenever I know they are at their most attentive.

The most important 'pledge' I have made with all my Children, is that: they should always be more loving and considerate of their mothers, more than any one else - always. I have always made them understand that, this would make me most happy; whether I am or I am not. They have all made this 'pledge'; and I have explained to them and made them understand that - people of honor are the best and the greatest, and people of honor never break their pledge, no matter what.

We have also made several other 'pledges' too: always being respectful of others; never judging people by appearance or status; being even more kinder and considerate to Children, the elderly and the weak, including animals.

And always being proud of what we are but humble in our being. And, above all, to be honorable in our dealings and relations.

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