16 September, 2005

They Are Like Us

I quote: "Bats often make people think of vampires, creatures of the night, and Haloween." Bats are "one of the most important groups of animals. ... and are one of the most numerous kinds with nearly 1000 species. They are highly adpoted animals, and can be found in all but the coldest habitats". Bats, are warm blooded mammals like us, and they nurse their young ones with milk - just like us. They are the ONLY mammals that can fly!! But, they are not destructive at all; and ARE NOT after human blood as perceived by some or as depicted in movies. In most of our relationships with other creatures, man chooses to be hypocritical. It's US mankind who are most destructive and it's US who seem to go after, not only other creatures flesh and blood - but each other's too.

Visit these sites to learn more about these amazing creatures: Batcon, bats.org, Defenders of Wildlife

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