19 November, 2012

Ever Heard of Virtual Kenya?

Virtual Kenya
In particular - for students and educators, Virtual Kenya is a gift and a must. All you need is a good Internet connection and off you start. For those who need to know more on Kenya, few tools are as good and as easily accessible as this. The faster the Internet connection the more you will find the site useful and the more you will get from it.Virtual Kenya is an online interactive platform, with related materials (in DVD) for those with no access to the Internet. It is designed to provide improved access to high quality spatial data and cutting-edge mapping technology to allow more Kenyans to use and interact with spatial data in their educational and professional pursuits.

With the help of the best and the most efficient mapping engine and resource on earth, Google Earth, Virtual Kenya has a vast amount of information and learning resources: virtual tours, maps, images; download or upload data and much more. Better still, join Virtual Kenya's online community and do and get more. Once on this very useful site, take time to explore the many, various array of information and resources on the site. You will be surprised at how much the site has on offer. Try it!

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