07 November, 2012

Congratulations Ja Kogelo

Obama son of Ja Kogelo
Four years ago, when most thought that an African-American could never be allowed to be president of America, he did it. And, now, after the longest, most expensive and most bitter election in US history, Barack Hussein Obama has again, overwhelmingly, been allowed to continue residing in the White House. Against all odds: being raised by a single mother in different countries, loosing his mother and being raised by a grandmother and most of his life being surrounded by women; and having a Muslim background and a name such as he has, he has done it!

The lesson learnt here is that nothing is impossible. If one is determined, if one is focused, if one is positive and if one works hard, one can achieve any thing. Especially in America. But not in Africa. Africa which is shackled in tribalism, nepotism, cronyism and favoritism. Africa which is being kept down and undeveloped by corruption, conflicts, wars and diseases. The only way one can achieve what Obama could never and can never have achieved in Africa, is for Africa to change. To change and have a similar kind of democracy and environment that allows Africans to dream, thrive and achieve as spectacularly as Obama has done. To change so that Africa's many daunting and heart wrenching problems can be tackled and solved.

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