15 September, 2012

Africa, the Web and the impact of the Internet

World wide, Africa has the least people using this most powerful, very useful of tools: the Web and the Internet. That's according to Tim Berners-Lee's newly created and just launched Web Index, which is described as a  new country-by-country global study that measures the impact of the Web on the world’s people and nations.
Tim Berners-Lee's Web Index
Though it covers only 61 countries worldwide, it is reportedly the most comprehensive assessment. to date, of the impact of the internet worldwide. It incorporates several indicators that assess countries on the political, economic and social impact of the web; including indicators of web connectivity infrastructure and use. Africa does very poorly in this measure of the Web’s use, utility and impact on people and nations. On the Continent, Tunisia leads, but ranks 30th worldwide; it is followed by South Africa (36th Worldwide); third is Egypt (39th Worldwide); fourth is Mauritius (41st worldwide); and 5th is Kenya (42nd worldwide). Almost, all these African countries rank below the bottom half of the 61 countries covered. African countries have a huge task ahead, if the Internet has to be useful and productive for the Continent.

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