24 February, 2011

Can Libya become another Somalia?

What a year? Within just the last few weeks, the face of Africa has been dramatically changing so fast, it is as if we are hallucinating. First: Tunisia, the events there and the rapid developments, at that time, seemed utterly incredible. Then came Egypt: what happened and the eventual result, were the most mind boggling events of this century and will continue to stun and be discussed for years to come. And now: Libya. Where is it heading to?
Map of Libya - click to enlarge
Whatever happens in and of Libya, Africa will very much be affected. Not only because of its immense oil reserves and wealth; but, because too, Muammar Al Qaddafi, the man at the center of all what has been and is happening in Libya, has for a long time been playing a leading and major role in Africa. Very unfortunately and deplorably, in Libya, the uprising there, is turning into a very bloody and deadly process. Many have died or are badly injured, including children; and the violence and slaughter is still continuing with no end in sight. Can this rapid destabilization of Africa's largest oil producer lead to another Somalia? Will the large country end up as fractured and as unstable?
Map of Somalia - click to enlarge

When Somalia's problems began in the late 1980's with Siad Barre trying to impose his rule, no one thought that it would take so long and be so bloody and horrific as it has. The disintegration, suffering, misery and carnage of Somalis still continues. The world seems to have forgotten about it. Very hopefully, Libya will not turn out to be another fractured, bloody part of Africa. For the youth, the women, the elderly and especially for the children of the country of Omar Mokhtar, we pray and hope that Libya settles down soon. And remains as one united, strong nation. In peace.

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