09 February, 2009

The Horror In Australia

It saddens. It shocks. The fires that have been mercilessly sweeping across South Eastern Australia have been described as the country's worst peace time disaster. What is even most shocking is that, arsonists are now said to be the cause of some or many of the fires. What kind of human being; what kind of people - would be so evil so as to do some thing as destructive and horrible as that? Only a deranged and truly evil minded being would ever attempt that. Only sick people would do that.

Not only have many died or been badly injured, but thousands have lost their homes and livelihoods; many of these people will never recover from this tragedy. And there's the unseen, unmentioned tragic side of the fires: the many animals and plants, both domesticated and wild, that have perished or been maimed in the flames.

View the extent of the fires above on Google Maps and on NASA Earth Observatory

What a world we live in? Not only have we damaged our environment and climate so badly - that, Climate Change is one of the causes of the fires; but, some of our own human kind are so evil; so deranged - and can cause such a carnage and tragedy.

Photo: Examiner

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