21 November, 2008

Saving The Bush Stone Curlew

From Australia comes this very good news to save the bush stone curlew from extinction. Go to ABC here and here:

Two landholders in southern New South Wales may have helped to save a threatened species of bird from extinction.

The bush stone curlew is a ground-dwelling bird endangered in NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

It is estimated the bird's population has declined by two-thirds in the past 20 years, with foxes and cats being their main predators.

Two landholders in southern New South Wales have fulfilled their dream of saving an endangered species from extinction.

They are the first to successfully breed the ground-dwelling bird, the Bush Stone-curlew, and release it back into the wild. And they say they weren't driven by science but what they call an 'insane passion' to see the population survive.
For more on the bird, read this and this.

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