22 November, 2008

How Chlidren fare in Africa

Mauritius again leads! In a 'child friendly index', done by an independent advocacy agency, assessing the treatment of children in African countries , the island nation came top. In East Africa, only Kenya comes at the top.

From the BBC: Amongst the top 10 were Namibia and Malawi, which did far better than richer countries like Sudan and Angola.

Mauritius was top and Guinea-Bissau bottom in ratings based on factors such as spending on health and education.

"Governments that have come out well have put in place laws to protect children from abuse and exploitation, and they've targeted resources at children through better health and education."

"Countries that invest in children will have a more productive work-force and the foundation of a more peaceful and democratic country."

Congratulations to Mauritius and their leaders! Can the other African countries do the needed and the same. In the long run, taking care of children, takes care of Africa.

Map: BBC

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