21 October, 2008

The Human Race Endangered

Although rather late, it's very comforting and relieving to know that: in response to growing pressure from international law enforcement agencies and conservation groups, eBay, the online auction giant, announced Monday that it would ban all commerce in ivory, including most heirlooms, to avoid providing a market that will encourage the slaughter of endangered elephants.

Not only are endangered animals, including chimps, marmosets and leopard cubs, ... being bought and sold online, but a recent scientific survey recently released states that: one in two mammal species on Earth are in decline and at least one in four are at risk of disappearing forever. This is too distressing!

How bad has the situation got to get and be, before we wake up and do much more than we are now doing to protect all animals? When and if mammals and other animals go, we go; their being threatened and endangered, is a danger to us.

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