22 September, 2008

The Pomegranate

Very few people in sub-saharan Africa know of or have ever tasted the pomegranate. But, for ages it has  been used by Arabs, Persians and Indians. Around the Mediterranean region, it is one of the most common fruit and plant. Its juice is excellent and refreshing. Facts about the amazing pomegranate: it is one of the oldest fruits in existence, it can live for more than one hundred years, it is a rich source of a strong anti-oxidant known as punicalagins, which are thought to be responsible for the major health benefits of its juice which can keep platelets from clumping together to form dangerous blood clots; not to mention its cancer preventative effects.

More on the pomegranate: crfg.org,  National Geographic, Health Central, hort.purdue.edu, Health Castle, pomegranates.org , pomegranate-juice, CBS News, pomegranatehealth, Wikipedia, Knol

Image: Treehugger

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