13 April, 2008

Kenya's: '40'

"One minister can have as many as three cars, huge offices, extravagant allowances in a country where the majority of people live below one dollar a day" Wangari Mathai

Kenya's president has announced a new power-sharing cabinet. In a country that has 210 elected Members of Parliament and 12 appointed (nominated) members; forty (42 to be exact)ministers have been named and more than that are now their assistants (52). See the full list of the '40' and their assistants here. As for the key cabinet posts:

Prime Minister: Raila Odinga
Vice-President and Home Affairs: Kalonzo Musyoka
Finance Minister: Amos Kimunya
Deputy PM and Trade: Uhuru Kenyatta
Deputy PM and Local Government: Musalia Mudavadi
Agriculture Minister: William Ruto

Hopefully, inspite of their cars, huge offices and extravagant allowances - the minsiters, their assistants and the politicians can 'put politics aside and get to work.' Hard, serious, team work. They owe it to the thousand plus of Kenyans who have died; the hundreds of thousands who are displaced and the 36 million plus Kenyans who are all waiting to move on. Move on to a better future.

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