13 December, 2007

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

"The best measure of a government's success is the satisfaction of those who deal with it. A job in the government is not just a way of making a living; it is a means of contributing to your country."
"Arabs must work together or they will all lose. They must take the initiative ... It is people who will shape the future, not machines or capital."
"Quality is not merely an end. It has become a way of life."
"To hold others responsible for failure is a way of escaping one's own responsibility. Responsibility is a heavy burden and a great honour at the same time. Whoever shoulders responsibility must be worthy of it."
"The first duty of an official is to make his people happy and provide them with security, stability, welfare and progress."
"The UAE is like a tree that has been protected by its leadership so that it will grow strong and bear fruit in abundance."
"Our society has been and will remain a single structure in which the distress of one is the distress of all, as the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said."
"I want everyone in this country to benefit and to be of benefit at the same time."

"Unlike others, we are not content to settle for what has been accomplished in the past, because life doesn't stop and it doesn't care about those who stop because they are content with what they have achieved."

"We have never been, nor ever will be among those who rest on their laurels; nor those who obsess on their success; nor those who believe that the march forward will continue automatically."

"Our journey of development has been and will remain a race for excellence; a race to consolidate Dubai's position as an evolving, leading and unrivalled contender for the title of the Middle East’s financial and commercial capital."

"If Arab administrations were good, the politics would be good, as would the economy, the media and public services."

"We have succeeded because we have always believed that tomorrow is a new day, that yesterday's achievements are in the past and that history will record what we achieve in the future, not what we have achieved in the past."

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Image: Gulfnews

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