25 November, 2007

'Immoral', 'Obscene' and A Big Waste!

While, each day, millions of people go without food or enough to eat; while millions of people are starving world wide - cod fish, worth thousands of kilos are being thrown back to the sea. That is - after the fish have been caught by fishermen in the North Sea, and most of the fish have already died or are dying. This is not only 'immoral', but an "absolute waste" to throw good quality fish back into the sea. And insane and 'obscene'.

Cod fish, a fish that has been relentlessly fished for centuries, is an endangered species. Every means and all measures have to be taken to conserve cod; but for it to be fished, and then millions of tons thrown back in to the sea, while most are already dead, because of a fishing quota system created by the European Union - is pure insanity. Can't the European Union come up with a better, wiser and saner system than what it has now in place?

Incidentally, a few weeks ago, I read - 'Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World' by Mark Kurlansky. I found the book extremely absorbing and informative; and an eye opener. For anyone interested in cod, environmental issues and the history of Europe and the Americas, Kurlanky's book is a must read. Apart from showing the impact of cod and its great influence on European and American history, it makes one understand too - why cod has to be protected and why it's important to do so. Hopefully, the European Union will come up with a solution. Soon.

Photo From: The BBC

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