09 September, 2007

Polar Bears: on the way to Extinction......

It seems certain now, that Polar Bears might become extinct by the end of this century; the few, if any, that will be there - will most probably be in zoos or in private hands. Not in the wild. We, Mankind, now call ourselves civilised and responsible. WE, by our actions and doings, are furthest from both. Apart from killing and destroying each other, continuously; we have been and are mercilessly destroying other creatures and life forms. A time will come, when some thing has to give: either a very large part of us will be destroyed (Earth, already seems to be over populated) or - we, too, will become extinct. A few excerpts on the present plight of Polar Bears:

Two-thirds of the world’s polar bears will disappear by 2050, even under moderate projections for shrinking summer sea ice caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, government scientists reported on Friday. The New York Times

Global warming could cause polar bears to go extinct by the end of the century by eroding the sea ice that sustains them, according to the most comprehensive international assessment ever done of Arctic climate change. The Washinton Post

Polar bears could be extinct in 100 years if climate change continues to melt the North Pole's ice. Cool Kids For A Cool Climate

The polar bear is at risk of extinction as global warming melts away its Arctic sea-ice habitat. Biologicaldiversity.org

Unless the pace of global warming slows or stops, polar bears could disappear within a century. Science A Gogo

According to the conservationists, Earth's steadily rising temperature is causing the polar bear's habitat to melt. Many scientists say the warming is due, in part, to human activities such as driving cars and burning coal, which release heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere. National Geographic

Scientific studies suggest that these extraordinary loads of chemicals are weakening polar bears, culling the old and the young. Their immune cells and antibodies have been suppressed, and their sex hormones, thyroid hormones, and even their bone composition have been altered. And perhaps most curious of all, small numbers of strange pseudohermaphroditic bears have been discovered. Of every 100 female bears captured on Svalbard, three or four have partial male genitalia. Mother Jones

All animals and other living things on this Planet, rely on the environment and the habitat in which they live in; an environment and habitats which WE, humans, are supposed to be responsible of and for; but which we are systematically and surely destroying. To our own peril.

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