29 August, 2007

Do You Believe In Evolution?

Zack writes fine posts; his posts on Uganda are always very informative and have very useful facts. His last post on evolution got me in to thinking and contemplating life and being, much more than I usually do. Here is my comment for that post:

"I never bought the 'Evolution' theory right from the beginning. Like you Zack, I used to wonder at why the other apes or Man were not 'evolving' any more and there was no recorded history of that happening at all. But, you see, some people like such far fetched, dubious ideas.

Like 'Marxism' or 'Existentialism' some people just believed/believe in that even if/when they are simply not concrete and do not make sense. For many, believing in the senseless is so easy and makes sense to them. For many, believing in the sensible (the Creator), is not possible.

For me, it has always been much easier in believing in God. I don't and can't see GOD. But living proof all around me, proves to ONLY that: A SUPREME POWER. Many wonder at how can we know of that and the future; I have always said: if we can't know or understand where we came from or how that happened (which is past) then how can we know or understand the future and what is to come? Many wonder at how can we BE after death, and yet they fail to wonder at how can we Be from nothing to a clot of blood, then slowly and gradually form in to a foetus and in to a human. They fail to wonder at that. Which is more difficult: to form from a clot in to a human being or to BE from a dead body, after death, later?

I can't remember or know how I was, even slightly, when I was still unborn; then how can I know how it would be after death? Those who doubt the existence of a higher being, will continue believing in far fetched, narrow ideas like 'Evolution'. Darwin, Einstein (who are said to have been very smart) - in the end - must have realised the existence of a Higher Supreme Being."

Still, there are many who still believe in evolution just as Darwin had explained it in his theory. A theory that still remains the basis of many, if not most Biologists. A theory, that in time will be proven to be misleading and just a theory.

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