22 July, 2007

Great News From Nairobi

Nairobi, my most favorite city, has just become an even much better place to live in. It 'implements a successful public ban on smoking':

Nairobi has become the third city in Kenya to implement a ban on smoking that has tobacco companies running for cover. The proscription went into effect last week in all public venues of the capital, and from all indications, restaurants, taverns, and tourist sites are observing the statute with minimum rancor. Earlier bans were imposed on the Indian Ocean port city of Mombasa and the rift valley town of Nakuru. Nairobi fines are high by Kenyan standards, about 300 dollars, 20-thousand Kenyan shillings, or six months in prison, as mandated by Nairobi’s local governing City Council. VOA News

Any more Kenyan urban centers to follow? And: why can't more, if not all, African cities and urban centers - ban smoking in public? Banning smoking in public is the simplest, positive, constructive thing Africa can easily do. Requiring very minimal resources; in fact, to the contrary - much more is saved in the long run by banning smoking rather than caving in to the greedy, destructive, foreign tobacco companies. Tobacco, not only - greatly destroys health, but millions are spent each day by Africans to smoke; most of these millions end up in to the coffers of the incredibly enormous and very profitable tobacco companies. Juggernauts! Not companies. All foreign owned.

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