17 November, 2005

G for Google

Google! The name itself sounds like from outer space or from another universe! Within a very short time indeed, the search Giant has not only taken the Internet world by storm, but the trading world too! To most people who know Google, it has not only become synonymous with the Internet - it is a way of life too!

First, it was a simple Google search; then Google started rolling one after another of very subtle, very useful and superbly thought of services: Gmail, Google Earth, Google Homepage, Google Books, Blogger, News, Talk, Google Sitemaps, Orkut and now Google Base - to name just a few. Each so user friendly, and at the same time totally free - for any one any where on this planet with an Internet connection, to use. No discrimination or prejudice what so ever.

Here in Yemen, most Internet users know Google as a search engine only, as most use it for searching, and do not know or have never heard of the other services; they become very surprised when told or shown, the other superb services offered by Google!

I can only say that, I have been very lucky to have been one of the first few to have used Gmail, getting the 'Invite' about a year ago; I then went on to 'Invite' my daughters, immediate family and very close friends. Not only does Gmail provide the huge storage and an extremely easy to use interface, it can also easily open anywhere in Yemen; places where other email servers have a problem opening up due to the weak Internet service there - my Gmail would open!

And then there is Google Earth! Nothing from its many competitors compares to it! I could not believe it when I could zoom in on top of my home in Mukalla! Not as close as one would zoom in, as in other large cities, but still, I could zoom close enough to identify where my home is! I can zoom in too, and see all the main streets and buildings, and suburbs of - Nairobi. When I zoomed in, on Cairo, I could see the waters of the Nile, the narrowest of streets and the fenced walls around buildings!

And from my Google Homepage, I have most of what I need for reading; I sometimes spend hours there, not seeing the need at all to surf to some other place. I am now waiting for an 'Orkut' Invite! I know Orkut too, will have the same Google stamp on it!

Sleek, crisp and subtle! And extremely powerful! The One and Only Google!

Photo : by sgrah - http://www.flickr.com/

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